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Bring your skills to an open source project that aims to lead the way for Big Data (i.e.: data large and small that needs to flow consistently and be analyzed with confidence to make impactful decisions quickly) projects across any type of organization. The DataLakeHouse project brings contributions from various skill sets to grow and deliver a community of innovation and analytics expertise. DataLakeHouse is one of the only Open Source projects that not only includes skilled developers, data scientist, and data modelers but also brings in business subject matter experts to evolve the business value side of the equation.  DataLakeHouse has a practical techno-functional slant – and we think that is a unique value-proposition for using the framework.

Checkout the open roles below, and let’s see if you can fill one to contribute, or if you have a good idea or some other skills we’ll make a role for you.

Contributors are our family

Benefits of Contributing


Work with a team of like-minded technical and functional superstars like yourself


Excellent addition to your CV/Resume


Conference Speaking Priority Roles

Knowledge Sharing

Impart your wisdom - knowing that it actually adds direct value to organizations

Big Picture

Lots of opportunity for those that understand the big picture in Big Data initiatives

Contact contributors [at], use our DataLakeHouse discourse community forum, or join our slack channel to volunteer for one of the skills or roles. The DataLakeHouse Project Management Committee still has open positions. For many roles we are looking for more than one individual to get involved.

Contributor Skills Needed

If you've integrated any data or worked with data, chances are you can help!

Technical Roles

  • Continuous Integration / Delivery Lead
  • Terraform Lead
  • Apache Spark Developer Lead
  • Hadoop Developer Contributor
  • Airflow Development Lead
  • Python Development Lead
  • Jupyter Notebook / Hub Developer
  • Machine Learning Developer
  • Druid Developer
  • Data Vault Architecture Lead
  • Documentation Lead
  • AWS Lead

Business SME / Functional Roles

  • Healthcare Lead
  • Manufacturing Lead
  • Marketing Campaigns Lead
  • Sales force/team Lead
  • Student Information Systems Lead
  • Supply Chain Lead
  • Airline Lead
  • Logistics Lead
  • Finance Lead
  • Forensic Accounting Lead

Other Skillsets Needed

It takes a lot skills to build a great framework!

  • Data Architecture
  • Cloud Security
  • Terraform
  • GCP, AWS, Azure, Alibaba, Snowflake Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Storage Engineer (GS, S3, HDFS, Wasabi, AS)
  • Apache Spark Developer
  • Hadoop Developer
  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • Data Integration Developer
  • Airflow Development
  • CDAP Development
  • Python Development
  • Jupyter Notebook / Hub Development
  • Machine Learning Developer
  • Continuous Integration / Delivery
  • Druid Development
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Data Vault Architecture
  • Report Development
  • Documentation Review/Editing

DataLakeHouse > Data Lake

We are changing the perception of the term ‘Data Lake’ to mean more than just storage. The evolution of decision support, business intelligence, and actionable insights is a comprehensive solution to keep existing solutions in place, provide speed of thought analytics, incorporate the leading software and hardware architecture, and govern data. DataLakeHouse leverages the latest modern best-in-class solutions to expand the newest demands on the modern ‘single-source-of-the-truth’.

Many SMEs > One Company

Every company is unique. That perhaps is their market advantage. Modern cloud, storage, and compute technology has leveled the field for smaller companies to compete with larger companies. DataLakeHouse provides the ground truth by way of best practice architecture, configuration, and pre-built examples to accelerate buy-in and baseline common data analytics. This too levels the field, but also provides even the most established organizations ways in which they could better use their data as information.

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Talk soon.

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